Adapt to a Changing Environment

Get the tools and support you need to meet the challenges of climate change, PFAS, and more.

Feeding the chickens

Farmers are on the frontlines

Maine farmers have long been stewards of the land, soil, water, and natural resources that we all depend upon. As our climate continues to change, and new environmental challenges like PFAS contamination emerge, we need to support farms with the tools and resources to adapt and thrive in uncertainty.

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Are you a farmer wondering about the impact of PFAS on your farmland and farm business? MFT is working closely with the state and many other partners to increase testing, research, and support for Maine farmers who may be impacted by PFAS in Maine.

Climate Resilience

Maine farms have an essential role in combating the impacts of climate change. Climate-smart farming practices can trap carbon in the soil, while improving the health of the soil, improving water quality, supporting wildlife habitat, and increasing farm profitability.

Person stacking firewood in the snow