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JUNE Harvest: a monthly digest of articles, podcasts & more

Our food system is more visible than ever right now, and over the month so many articles and conversations have cropped up to report how the pandemic is impacting farms and food, as well as shine a light on parts of the food system that needed attention well before COVID-19 hit. As the impacts of the pandemic evolve, new challenges and questions arise and more people are getting a taste of what’s possible for our food system and how we can work together to grow a brighter future.

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading, listening to and watching over the last couple weeks:


How to Crisis Proof our Food System – Opinion by Tom Collichio and Eric Kessler

VT Dairy farmers Avoid Dumping Excess by Accessing New Market in Food Banks – Civil Eats

The pandemic could cause long term damage to how we get our food – CNN

While food supply chains snap, a solution is on the table – The Hill

Local food has filled gaps in supply chain disrupted by the pandemic – Portland Press Herald

As Covid-19 disrupts the industrial meat system, independent processors have a moment to shine – Civil Eats

What does race have to do with food and farming? As with everything in our country, everything. Check out this collection of food justice articles from Civil Eats to dig in.


Our Food System is Modeled on Plantation Economics – An Interview with Ricardo Salvador of Union of Concerned Scientists – Fair.org

Maine Farms Welcome Surge in CSA Sales – Maine Public


Maine Public Deep Dive: Maine’s Potato Industry Faces Challenges Due to Pandemic – Maine Public

A boom in business for small farms as buyers seek local food, but can the trend continue? – News Center Maine WCSH6

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