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Maine Farmland Trust Has Protected 30,000 Acres And Counting

Maine Farmland Trust Has Protected 30,000 Acres And Counting

by Rob Poindexter – January 10th 2012 09:38pm – Read more Local News

Augusta – A non-profit group dedicated to preserving Maine’s farmland says they’ve now protected more than 30,000 acres and they’re not finished yet.  Maine Farmland Trust is a group that helps farmers buy land that is in transition to ensure that it continues to be used for farming.
Speaking at the Agricultural Trade Show that opened in Augusta Tuesday, representatives from Maine Farmland Trust said they’re getting closer to their goal but they still have work to do.  The group helped more than 350 farmers last year.  “Our goals are driven by a belief in farming and business and the economic opportunities that farming can bring,” Maine Farmland Trust Executive Director John Piotti said Tuesday.  “If we’re smart, if we do the right thing to protect farmland, and work with farmers over the next few critical years.”
Maine Farmland Trust has set a goal of helping 1000 farmers and protecting 100,000 acres of farmland.
To learn more about the program you can log on to their website:

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