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Farming in Maine is complicated, nuanced, and continually changing.


We believe that farming is fundamental to our future – and thus warrants the highest levels of public attention and support.

There is a lot to celebrate about farming in Maine today. But there is still much work to do for farming to realize its full potential, which is why MFT continues to showcase the successes, challenges, and ambitions of Maine’s food landscape using books, films, art exhibits, and conversations. 

Federal, state, and municipal-level policies have a profound impact on Maine farmers and our food system. We keep our finger on the pulse of policies that affect Maine farms, and engage in those policy areas that directly affect our ability to protect farmland, support farmers, and advance the future of farming.

Public Policy
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State and federal policy impacts our farmers and our food system, often in profound ways. We keep our finger on the pulse of policies that will impact Maine farms. Learn More.

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We conduct research and prepare reports and articles to help educate policymakers and the public about issues affecting Maine agriculture. Learn more.

Maine Farms
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This is MFT’s annual journal for our members. Become a member to receive your copy in the mail. Learn More.

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MFT is pleased to share our first podcast series focusing on Farm Succession, and the intersection between Farming and Climate Change. Listen to the episodes here.

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Explore a collection of films from our past 20 years. Watch films here.

Traveling Exhibits
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Three photo exhibits: Groundbreakers, Feeding Maine, and The Lexicon of Sustainability, as described below. Each provides a platform for food system discussion. They are available to travel for an exhibition in your community. Learn More.

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This is MFT’s bi-annual newsletter for our members. Look back on past issues.

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You have a say in the future of farming.

It’s going to take a whole lot of hard work to protect more farmland, help farmers thrive, and increase access to local food.

You can help: become a member of Maine Farmland Trust.

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