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Farms for ME: Observations on Agriculture by Young Artists

Call for artwork for upcoming show Farms for ME: Observations on Agriculture by Young Artists

MFT welcomes submissions for a children’s art exhibit to be held virtually this spring through the MFT Gallery. We are asking for children’s artistic creations that address or are inspired by any of the following questions:

Do you have any farms or farm stands near you?

What do they look like, and what do they produce?

What animals do you like on the farm?

 What is your favorite food from the farm?

What do you like, or what would you like, to do on a visit to the farm? 

Artists should be 18 years and younger, please.

Possible subject or media matter ideas: Vegetables; animals on the farm; fiber (sheep, llamas or alpacas, rabbits); barns or other farm buildings; fields, crops, gardens; helpers on the farm; tractors or other equipment and tools.

Submission guidelines:

The artwork can be any media, 2D or 3D. We are accepting up to 5 submissions per artist. Since the show will be virtual, all submissions should be high quality photos of the original artwork.

Tips for taking a high quality photo with your camera or phone: use a high resolution setting on your device; hold the device steady or use a tripod or brace so the image is clear, not blurry; place the work (one at a time for multiple submissions) in good, even, natural lighting; make sure the edges of the image are square to the edges of the work so there is no distortion; crop the image to clear any distracting background; save as a .jpg file.

Submission deadline March 28th, 2021. Artists should be 18 years or younger, please.

To submit works, or for questions:
Karen Giles, MFT Gallery Coordinator:
Submit all work by March 28th, 2021

Please send an email, subject Farms for ME, with up to 5 high resolution jpg images attached, labeled with Artist First Name_Age_Title of the work_medium_dimensions_price.

In the email please include parent’s full name, email address, and phone number, name of the artist, age, medium, title of the work, dimensions of the work, and price if the work is for sale (or NFS if not).

MFT Gallery

The MFT Gallery celebrates agriculture through art, capturing the vibrancy of Maine’s farms and farmers—their intimate relationship to the earth, the crops they grow and animals they tend. Founded in 2008, our gallery is “a gallery with a mission.” It has attracted artists from all over Maine and beyond, artists who share a love for our rural heritage and are committed to the earth’s well-being. We hope that through this gallery, more people will come to understand the promise of farming, and as a result, lend fervent support to our efforts to secure Maine’s agricultural future.

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